Mary Alice Connor

imageWelcome! Mary Alice Connor is a licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Renewal Massage. She recently moved to Charleston from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where she practiced massage for two years.

Renewal Massage is focused on the health and well-being of Women. With a lot of experience working with pre-natal massage, Mary Alice sees a lot of clients who are preparing for motherhood! A massage during pregnancy is beneficial for mother and baby, and is a great way to send yourself into relaxation while your body is working hard and constantly changing!

Mary Alice also has experience working with injuries and chronic pain such as sciatic nerve pain, muscle tension from scoliosis, and pain from tendonitis. She frequently sees clients that use regular massage to facilitate healing and relieve chronic pain from joint replacements, spinal surgeries, chronic headaches, and fibromyalgia. 

Regular massage therapy is also used for mental well-being and can be very helpful with depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. A relaxing massage can help you along your journey towards a sound mind and body.